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About Us

We are Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj Sevak Mandal UK (SGSM UK) team. We pray to lord Purushotam Narayan - the one who is "Swami" of all & who is Narayan. We call with love & devotion "Swaminarayan". Our journey started at Kanbha Gurukul with blessings from our Sadguru Dhyani Swami.

Our mission is to live life to serve Bhagwan, Santo & Haribhakto. We follow Dharma, Ghan, Vairagya and Bhakti to reach to Bhagwan’s abode - Akshardham. Our purpose for the life is to attend Moksha (Salvation) and it is our duty show the same path to others who seek to attend the same goal. We pray to Lord Swaminarayan who is in our soul and doer of everything that is happening in our life.

Lord Swaminarayan constructed nine mandirs to facilitate followers' devotional worship of God and encouraged the creation of a scriptural tradition. To teach all of us on how to live our life with Dharma in this Kalyug, Lord Swaminarayan himself wrote the Shikshapatri, in 1826. In 1826, in a legal document titled the Lekh, Lord Swaminarayan created two dioceses, The Laxmi Narayan Dev Gadi (Vadtal Gadi) and Nar Narayan Dev Gadi (Ahmedabad Gadi), with a hereditary leadership of Acharyas and their wives from his own extended family who were authorized to install statues of deities in temples and to initiate ascetics. These temples and many other organizations like Kanbha Gurukul have continued this auspicious effort to promote Dharma, Ghan (Knowledge), Vairagya and Bhakti to know ourselves truly and serve God eternally.

Acharya Shree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj
Sadguru Dhyani Swami
Shri Satsangbhushandasji Swami

Event Calendar 2024

  • 03/06/2024 : Apara Ekadasi
  • 15/06/2024 : Sabha (London)
  • 18/06/2024 : Nirjala(Bhim) Ekadasi
  • 22/06/2024 : Sabha (Kent- Garling Hall)

  • 02/07/2024 : Yogini Ekadasi
  • 06/07/2024 : Gurupurnima celebration (London)
  • 13/07/2024 : Sabha (Kent- Birchington Hall)
  • 17/07/2024 : Dev Shayani Ekadasi
  • 31/07/2024 : Kamda Ekadasi

  • 16/08/2024 : Pavitra Ekadasi
  • 18/08/2024 : RakshaBandhan celebration (London)
  • 25/08/2024 : Sportsday (Norwich)
  • 29/08/2024 : Aja Ekadasi

  • 07/09/2024 : Ganesh Chaturthi Sabha (Kent)
  • 14/09/2024 : Parivartani Ekadasi
  • 14/09/2024 : Sabha (London)
  • 28/09/2024 : Indira Ekadasi

  • 05/10/2024 : Sabha (London)
  • 14/10/2024 : PashaKusha Ekadasi
  • 19/10/2024 : Sabha (Kent-Birchington Hall)
  • 28/10/2024 : Rama Ekadasi

  • Diwali Annakut (London)
  • 01/11/2024 : Sabha (Kent-Birchington Hall)
  • 12/11/2024 : Prabodhini Ekadasi
  • 26/11/2024 : Utpati Ekadasi



Bal Sabha

Keeping our culture and religion education is core to our principle and we strongly believe that this is our identity and we need to preserve this. For this every Sunday we nurture kids "Balako" to educate and encourage them to understand religion and moral principle, kids enjoy singing kirtan, telling moral story to share their thoughts with others and learn.


Yuva Sabha

Yuva or Young generation is our future and driving force to keep our culture and religion alive in the modern fast changing world. There are lot of questions they have from education, money, adultery, gambling etc. We discuss those openly but in respectful manner and we try to encourage young person to ask question, present their view. We bring the culture, religion, science and our scripture in to the discussion point. Yuva Sabha brings them together so they can answer lot of questions they have been going through in their personal lives.


Ladies Sabha

We encourage woman to have their own Sabha where the men are not present and they engaged in religion songs, kirtans, scriptures, topic discussions and beyond that discussion woman's dharma in our daily lives. Ladies Sabha happens every Thursday via Zoom. They also discuss preparation and celebration events work part of festivals that we celebrate every year as per Hindu calendar.


Family Sabha

This is our main Sabha. We host this every other week in different places, London, Norwich, Kent. We start this event by singing kirtans, Dhuns, Bhajans, Reading our Hindus' shastras and Moral story discussions. We welcome every one to join this Sabha and be part of conscious culture / religious awareness initiative that we take. We want to get out from our busy life and comeback to "God" and pray to him collectively. We use this Sabha to also get together with family and enjoy dinner - "Prasad" - after the event. This brings family and community together.

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